Acquah&co are currently casting for ‘i stopped when’, a new play about love, art and interracial dating in Britain. The show is being performed early 2019.

Roles needed:


‘A’ is intelligent, sensitive and very talented. She has a kind heart and avoids confrontation as much as possible. Throughout the play she learns about how to stand up for herself; when to turn away from, and when to fight for love.

Actor breakdown

– Female actor playing age 18-24

– Of mixed heritage/Black mixed race

– comfortable with or preferably experienced in spoken word and performance poetry



– Male actor playing age 20-25

– Of South East Asian descent

– Comfortable with spoken word or performance poetry

Due to the themes explored in W’s storyline (colourism, white passing etc) we’re particularly interested in South East Asian poets and actors who may have been incorrectly labelled as ‘white’ or who consider themselves to be ‘white passing’.

‘W’ is kind-hearted, optimistic, romantic.



‘M’ is loud, cocky but somehow also charming. The ability to improvise and engage people is very important for this role.

Actor breakdown

– Male actor (Caucasian)

– Playing age 20-30

– Comfortable with improvisation


If any of these roles are of interest to you, please email with your CV/headshot and you will be sent audition information.

Deadline: 4th December

Acquah&co is a company headed by myself (Nicole). As a theatre-maker, it’s really exciting to work with creative performers, such as yourself. Acquah&co uses a flexible model, and brings new creative talent on board depending upon the requirements of the project at hand. Welcome.

Please note – this is a profit share production, with the money from ticket sales being split between the performers.